Guide Sweaty Palms: The Neglected Art of Being Interviewed

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Sweaty Palms and Interview Preparation

Originally written in , but updated frequently until , Anthony Medley's quite thick and thorough book promises sound advice and attention to detail. What separates Medley from the rest of the crowd, as he immediately explains in his preface, is that he has had extensive experience actually interviewing and screening for research and position hiring and he actually backs up most of his opinions with scholarly research.

For example, you might have been told that you should write a thank you note after an interview. Medley first comments that such a letter can be an added burden or irritant to an already over-burdened interviewer, but also includes a study which concluded that even among professional recruiters a follow-up letter will not help you if they have not otherwise decided that you will be offered the job. Indeed, the book's topics range from important yet often understated details like this to broader questions of keeping the interviewers attention and how to demonstrate enthusiasm.

I would highly recommended this book at once because it is informative and engaging, and because it entices one to realize exactly how complicated the art of being interviewed is and one's potential to do it well.

Sweaty Palms: Neglected Art of Being Interviewed

Hand 1 : 2 Hearts. This is not a hand with which you should use a reopening double. And, true, your partner is almost certainly sitting behind your LHO with a lot of Diamonds. But your hand has two shortcomings that make it inappropriate for a reopening double:.

Interviewing Sweaty Palms

Your Spade doubleton is insufficient for support if your partner responds to your double with a bid of 2 Spades. Remember, your partner might be short in your suit. If she has five Diamonds but not enough to sit for the double, her longest suit might be Spades.

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You really only have two fairly certain tricks, your two Aces. Remember, you have to take six tricks to set them. Hand 2 : Double. This is a very good hand with which to make a reopening double for two reasons:. The worst that can happen is that your partner will be playing in a 4—3 fit at the two level, not a disaster.

You have a good hand, with two Ace—King combinations.