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Still, there are many useful and applicable lessons to be learned from reading The Shepherd Leader. Reviewed by Barry Silverstein October 14, Disclosure: This article is not an endorsement, but a review. The author of this book provided free copies of the book and paid a small fee to have their book reviewed by a professional reviewer.

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Prophetic Leadership - You are a Shepherd responsible for your flock ~ Dr. Yasir Qadhi - 24 May 2014

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The Unexplored Leadership Style

All of this was partly fulfilled in the post-exile period — but only partly. As God enfleshed, he was the rightful Lord and King of his people. Yet he willingly became not only the servant and the shepherd but also the sacrificial lamb. The shepherd was stricken by God for sins that were not his own and then rose to life to gather his own from every nation Zech ; Matt ; ; John ; Rev As he gathers his own, Jesus the exalted Shepherd King has chosen once again to work through human shepherds.

In the Gospels, the apostles began as sheep Matt but wound up as shepherds John who then recognized other God-appointed men as shepherds of this flock Eph ; 1 Pet Yet, now as in the days of Ezekiel, God himself remains the Chief Shepherd, the true owner of the sheep Heb ; 1 Pet ; Pastors are not lords of the sheep but servants of the King, called to imitate the chief Shepherd.

The primary responsibility of the shepherd is to provide nourishment for the flock Ezek So it is in church life, the pastor must consider that his leadership is most strikingly demonstrated through his teaching and preaching ministry.

Are You an Organizational Leader or a Shepherd? (10 Easy Ways To Tell)

The Chief Shepherd was known as one who taught with great authority John ; Matt Remember when Jesus invited his disciples to retreat to a deserted place? When they arrived, the spot was no longer deserted because the people had anticipated where Jesus might be headed. Later, along the shores of Galilee, Jesus prepared breakfast for the disciples.

Leadership Coaching that Improves Organizational Spirit

Pastoral leadership is rooted in the responsibility of living as an under-shepherd with eyes fixed on the Chief Shepherd. God, who who would reverse the evils of the leaders, declared that he would rescue his sheep and give them rest so that they would no longer be prey Ezek , 14, 15, A mark of divine leadership is protection. This is exactly what Christ did on our behalf through his finished work on the cross. It is no wonder then that, immediately after calling Peter to feed his sheep, the resurrected Jesus also called Peter to follow him to the point of death John The difficulty is that there are pastors who choose to live as self- centered shepherds, much like the rulers described in Ezekiel.

Leadership Coaching that Improves Organizational Spirit

But there is another category of shepherds in the church — those who are flock-centered. This descriptor sounds positive, but it too falls short of authentic imitation of the Chief Shepherd. These leaders encourage their sheep and may even know their sheep, but they are marked by a desire to keep the flock happy and satisfied.

They keep peace in the fold at any price. This well intended desire can lead to unwillingness to deal with sin or false teachings. Leaders who understand their role as shepherds do not peer down at their people from a holy hayloft and drop an occasional bale of sustenance in the form of a finely crafted homily. Neither do they allow their flocks to live in false peace.

They see themselves neither as sovereigns over their churches nor as hirelings of their churches but as under-shepherds of the living God. Michael S.

A Leader is a Shepherd

Wilder serves as associate professor of leadership and discipleship at Southern Seminary. He also serves as associate vice president for doctoral studies. You can connect with Dr. For the Truth. For the Church.