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Philippe wants more than just to paint Beatrice, he wants to show her every pleasure society has denied her-and she's denied herself. But there's something Beatrice isn't telling him, and his art only allows for truth. Allegra Gray is a former military officer turned English professor turned defense analyst. She grew up in a home full of music, art, and literature, which inspired a lifelong love for the humanities.

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It was also revealed that a doctor examined her and found her "intact," but Charity and even her family still worries. However, -spoiler- during the description of the wedding night, the author reveals yes, Charity was a virgin. Yet later on in the story, characters, including Charity and her husband who both knew the truth!

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Strange and annoying, really. I normally read around this type of error, but the titles were so often mentioned, followed by the person addressed incorrectly, so it repeatedly distracted. It may seem picky, but the author has chosen a specific time period and put her characters in the peerage, so title and address authenticity is a necessary plot point.

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Unfortunately, he is always referred to as Lord Maxwell. Unfortunately, she is addressed Lady Charity in the story the address of an unmarried daughter of an earl. Graeme's mother lives in the Dower House not Dowager , and she becomes the Dowager Countess of Leventhal after the marriage of her son. Unfortunately, she is addressed as Lady Eleanor.

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  4. Again, I'm not trying to be picky, but If the book were contemporary and set in a hospital, we wouldn't address nurse Smith as Dr. There are several anachronistic words and too-modern phrases used bugger, blimey; social butterfly, save his sorry butt that I ignore, but they may bother purists.

    So, despite the points I highlighted that seem to say otherwise, I do recommend this book. It has a gripping plot, interesting characters, and plenty of action. The hero annoyed me, for the reasons I mentioned, but I liked him in spite of himself.

    Nothing But Deception (The Daring Damsels)

    He was a true representation of the patriarchal society of the Regency as well. Plus, the hero and heroine had true chemistry - it was almost palpable before and during their love scenes which were explicit, by the way, so beware if you like your romances sweet, not steamy.

    The author set up their relationship to be one of everlasting love, and it's a believable premise. If you can look past the plot hiccups and the title faux pas, this is a book that leaves the reader happy and satisfied by The End. Great ending, lovely characters, devoted relationships, interesting glimpse of PTSD, a bit of intrigue. Lord Maxwell was consistently honest, determined and devoted to his family. I really liked his character.

    As you can read in the spoilers, he made one rash decision, but he more than makes up for it and it actually turns out for the best with the introduction of a very helpful person into the household. Charity is too reckless and impulsive for me to relate to, but she is loving and capable with a warm heart, so I liked her too, despite her faults.

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