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C-1 Appendix D: Technologies D-1 Appendix E: Interoperability Standards E-1 Appendix F: Airspace G-1 Appendix H: Reliability H-1 Appendix I: Homeland Security I-1 6. J-1 Appendix K: Survivability F-2 7. K-5 8. It is intended to assist DoD decision makers in developing a long-range strategy for UA development and acquisition in future Quadrennial Defense Reviews QDRs and other planning efforts, as well as to guide industry in developing UA-related technology. Additionally, this document may help other U. Government organizations leverage DoD investments in UA technology to fulfill their needs and capabilities.

The Roadmap addresses the following key questions: What requirements for military capabilities could potentially be filled by UA systems? What processor, communication, platform, and sensor technologies are necessary to provide these capabilities? When could these technologies become available to enable the above capabilities? This Roadmap is meant to complement ongoing Service efforts to redefine their roles and missions for handling 21st century contingencies.

The Services see UAS as integral components of their future tactical formations. Many of the technologies discussed in this document are currently maturing in defense research laboratories and contractor facilities.

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The Roadmap span of 25 years was chosen to accommodate what typically constitutes a generation of aircraft and payload technology, from laboratory project to fielded system. The information presented in this study is current as of March 30, A powered, aerial vehicle that does not carry a human operator, uses aerodynamic forces to provide vehicle lift, can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely, can be expendable or recoverable, and can carry a lethal or non-lethal payload.

Ballistic or semi ballistic vehicles, cruise missiles, and artillery projectiles are not considered unmanned aerial vehicles. The familiar saying that UA are better suited for "dull, dirty, or dangerous" missions than manned aircraft presupposes that man is or should be the limiting factor in performing certain airborne roles.

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The following examples validate this saying. The Dull B-2 crews flew hour roundtrip missions from Missouri to Serbia during 34 days of the Kosovo conflict in The Dirty The Air Force and the Navy used unmanned Bs and F6Fs, respectively, from to to fly into nuclear clouds within minutes after bomb detonation to collect radioactive samples, clearly a dirty mission. Returning UA were washed down by hoses and their samples removed by cherrypicker-type mechanical arms to minimize the exposure of ground crew to radioactivity. In , the Air Force decided the risk to aircrews was "manageable," and replaced the UA with manned Fs whose pilots wore pound lead suits.

Some of these pilots subsequently died due to being trapped by their lead suits after crashing or to long term radiation effects. The Dangerous Reconnaissance has historically been a dangerous mission; 25 percent of the 3rd Reconnaissance Group's pilots were lost in North Africa during World War II compared to 5 percent of bomber crews flying over Germany. When the Soviet Union shot down a U. What had been an acceptable risk on 1 May became unacceptable, politically and militarily on 2 May. The loss of seven of these UA over China between and went virtually unnoticed.

Thirty years later, the loss of a Navy EP-3 and capture of its crew of 24 showed that manned peacetime reconnaissance missions remain dangerous and politically sensitive. The highest loss rates to aircrew and aircraft in Vietnam and the Israeli-Arab conflicts were during these types of missions.

One of the primary purposes for the employment of UA is risk reduction to loss of human life in high threat environments. Assignment of these missions to Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles UCAV directly addresses the dangerous mission of attacking or degrading integrated air defense systems. The attributes that make the use of unmanned preferable to manned aircraft in the above three roles are, in the case of the dull, the better sustained alertness of machines over that of humans and, for the dirty and the dangerous, the lower political and human cost if the mission is lost, and greater probability that the mission will be successful.

Lower downside risk and higher confidence in mission success are two strong motivators for continued expansion of unmanned aircraft systems.

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Detailed descriptions are available at the websites listed with specific systems below. Figure 2. In , the Air Force demonstrated the ability to employ Hellfire missiles from the Predator, leading to its designation being changed from RQ-1 to MQ-1 to reflect its multi-mission capability. The Air Force operates 12 systems in three Predator squadrons.

Initially deployed aboard battleships to provide gunnery spotting, its mission evolved into reconnaissance and surveillance, primarily for amphibious forces. Launched by rocket assist, pneumatic launcher, or from a runway, it recovers on a runway with arresting gear after flying up to 5 hours with a 75 pound payload. Since , Pioneer has flown reconnaissance missions during the Persian Gulf, Bosnia, and Kosovo conflicts.

The Marine Corps is sustaining the Pioneer to extend their operations with it until replaced by a follow-on vertical UA. The Air Force has budgeted for 34 production aircraft in FY, and plans a total fleet of The Air Force plans to add other sensor and communications capabilities in a spiral development process as this fleet is procured.

Ground stations in theaters equipped with the common imagery processor CIP will eventually be able to receive Global Hawk imagery directly. Although full-rate production FRP was canceled in , seven low-rate initial production LRIP systems of eight aircraft each were acquired; an additional 18 aircraft were purchased in FY04 for delivery in FY Hunter is expected to remain in service through Catapulted from a rail, it is recovered with the aid of arresting gear. The RQ-7B can now accommodate the high bandwidth tactical common data link TCDL and features a 16 inch longer wingspan, 7 hours endurance greater fuel capacity , and an improved flight computer.

Current funding allows the Army to procure 63 systems of four aircraft each for the active duty forces and reserve forces. Five RQ-8A air vehicles and four ground control stations are now in developmental testing. Over successful test flights have been accomplished demonstrating autonomous flight, TCDL operations, Multi-Mission Payload performance, and ground control station operations.

Planned delivery for the first two prototypes is in Its primary mission is as a persistent hunter-killer for critical time sensitive targets and secondarily to act as an intelligence collection asset.

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The integrated sensor suite includes a moving target- capable synthetic aperture radar SAR and a turret that houses electro-optical and mid wave infrared sensors, a laser range finder, and a laser target designator. The crew for the MQ-9 is one pilot and one sensor operator. The objective force structure includes nine combat- coded systems and 36 aircraft. Testing of the two XAs continues through September J-UCAS is focused on demonstrating a versatile combat network in which air and ground components are nodes that can be changed over time to support a wide range of potential missions.

The black head of fungus gnats sits closely on the thorax and centered between the wings. They have a relatively short life cycle, only living for about four weeks.

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The egg laying, female adult gnats will lay up to eggs, in the top two to three inches of potting soil during their short life. When the eggs hatch, the gnat larvae feed on the organic matter in the area. After about ten days the larvae enter the pupal stage, where they spend the next several days undergoing a metamorphosis into the flying adult gnats. The best way to control fungus gnats is to reduce the amount of water you feed the infested plants.

Reducing the watering of your plants will allow the soil surface to dry out, which kills the gnat larvae and starts to break the life cycle of the bugs in soil. Organic material, like fallen leaves, broken stems, and similar matter, serves as a food source for the insects. Add some coffee grounds for plants to the top layer of the soil to help with drainage, so your plants receive the water they need without becoming overwatered.

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